To contribute to technically innovative new media projects by designing interactivity, developing content, and exploring and implementing innovative solutions.

  Authoring: Director MX w/ Lingo(OOP & Behaviors); Flash MX (ActionScripting); PowerPoint; HTML; Javascipt; PHP; XML; MySQL
  Graphics & Media: Photoshop; Fireworks; Freehand; Illustrator; CameraMan; Debabelizer; Premiere; Media 100; SoundEdit; Dreamweaver
  Productivity: Filemaker, Inspiration, Extensis Fetch, MS Project; Word, Excel.

Work History
  2003 - Present Contract Multimedia Developer: UI Design, Programming & Project Management, Cambridge, MA
  2001 - 2003 Lead Multimedia Programmer, Six Red Marbles, Cambridge, MA
  1999 - 2001 Lead Multimedia Programmer, JuniorNet, Boston, MA
  1994 - 1999 Contract Multimedia Developer & Project Manager, San Francisco, CA
  1988 - 1994 Information Designer & Project Manager, GTE Corp., Needham, MA

Guest Lecturer

Presentations on Asset Management for Project Management and Cross Platform courses.
San Francisco State University, 1997



San Francisco State University Extension School: Lingo, digital video, and design courses.
Harvard University: Anthropology and Film courses.
Massachusetts College of Art: Photography and Interrelated Media. B.F.A.


Selected Multimedia Projects (click a picture to see more)
  Six Red Marbles
  Product: Six Red Marbles develops interactive learning tools for educational publishers in the K-college market.

Lead multimedia developer. Responsibilities include development and tech management of projects leveraging Director Lingo, Flash Action Scripting, XML, SQL, VB and database technologies, as well as contributing to project specification, industry research, and design of functionality.

  Client: Six Red Marbles, Cambridge MA
    Internet: www.sixredmarbles.com
  Product: JuniorNet is the first completely safe, advertisement-free online service created just for kids. The JuniorNet service delivers rich, interactive content from the best in children’s publishing and multimedia.

Lead multimedia developer. Responsibilities include Lingo and Action Script coding of projects, participation in the design of new content, design of functionality, vendor management, development of production templates, standards, and documentation. more detail...

  Client: JuniorNet, Boston, MA 02108
    Internet: www.JuniorNet.com/discover
    Awards MIMC Best in Show, 1999; Parents' Choice 1999; Dr Toy 10 Best CD-ROM/High Tech Products 1999
  Web Design 101 CD
  Product: Web Design 101 contains all the components educators need to teach students how to build compelling interactive Web sites and pages.

Interface and interaction design, Lingo programming and delivery.

  Client: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA 1999
    Internet: http://www.macromedia.com/solutions/educator/edu/web101.html
    Awards Awarded "Best of the Best" software by Technology and Learning Magazine
  UCON Training CD
  Product: This CD provides a quick, dynamic solution for browsing UCON training materials. Users can review class descriptions and instructor bios, launch PDF training materials, and access the internet to download trial software or late breaking content. The program utilizes Flash assets for menus and buttons, and MasterApp for launching training materials.
  Role: Lingo programming and information design.
  Client: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA 1999
Macromedia Creative Services
  Product: Multiple projects. The multimedia side of Macromedia’s Creative Services department fills most of the presentation and CD-ROM promotional material needs of the company.
  Role: Lingo programmer, Director & Flash developer for numerous presentations and CD-ROM projects. Researcher of techniques and use of 3rd party Xtras. Filemaker database management.
  Client: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA 1998, 1999
Noosh Beta site
  Product: This web site provides the founding partners, of this startup, with a forum for sampling the new internet service to provide feedback to the developers during the pre-release period.
  Role: Interaction & information designe / HTML prototype programming
  Client: Noosh , Palo Alto, CA 1999
Oraibi Web Site
  Product: In progress: this site shows off the work of Oraibi, a San Francisco design firm.
  Role: HTML programming.
  Client: Oraibi, San Francisco, CA 1999
    Internet: www.oraibi.com
Add Life To Your Yearbook CD
  Product: Produced for high school students to help them learn how to use FreeHand to enhance their yearbook publishing effort. Training modules demonstrate techniques step by step.
  Role: Lingo programming, Director animation and Release management.
  Client: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA 1998
Lan Telephony Interactive Presentation
  Product: This fully interactive presentation demo employs MIAW functionality to deliver a fully customizable presentation engine designed for remote delivery. The content features highly technical animations synchronized to a voice-over track. Produced for 3Com.
  Role: Lingo programming anf Director animation.
  Client: Oraibi, San Francisco, CA for 3Com, Santa Clara, CA 1998
Barbie’s Nail Designer
  Product: Product prototype/product launch presentation. This interactive demo enabled Mattel’s presenters to show Toy Show attendees product features like nail painting and style selection.
  Role: Lingo programmer.
  Client: Stunt Puppy Entertainment. Half Moon Bay, CA 1997
Pervasive Networking Lab Demo
  Product: This showcase demo combines MPEG video, intranet networking, and multimedia with evolving technology. Employs full screen/full motion Mpeg 2 playback, full motion video feed integration, seamless web page access, and rapid updating techniques. Produced for 3Com.
  Role: Lingo programmer.
  Client: Oraibi, SF, CA 1997
American Girl Web Site
  Product: Shockwave movies for a holiday "advent -style" calendar. Play!
  Role: Lingo programmer.
  Client: Stunt Puppy Entertainment. Half Moon Bay, CA 1997
  Product: This product is a tool combining multimedia content with windows system executables. The Director portion enables users to customize content selections and exe settings. Programming features include fileI/O, folder read in, web connect, and an installer.
  Role: Lingo programmer/Wise Installer Programmer
  Client: Mamaruga Inc. Napa, CA 1997
Widget Wizard
  Product: This Xtra tool is installed with the shipping version of Director 6, and available through the Xtra menu. The Wizard assists new users in the understanding and use of behavior programming. An array of working buttons and devices with behaviors attached are ready for insertion in any movie. Positive mention & screen shot in MacWorld 9/97.
  Role: Producer / Interface designer / Writer
  Client: Macromedia Inc. San Francisco, CA 1997
HealthDesk Online for Diabetes
  Product: Interface and interactivity design prototypes of this new CD-ROM / Web tool. Interactive Demos for presentation and distribution to clients.
  Role: Interaction designer / Lingo programming for prototypes and demos.
  Client: Health Desk Corp. Berkeley CA, 1996, 1997
Western Micro Technology Annual Report Library
  Product: Interactive library of annual report documents and marketing materials prepared for mass distribution to potential investors and annual meeting attendees.For Western Micro Technology, San Jose, CA. 1996
  Role: Interaction design and lingo programming of the Library section.
  Client: Panorama Productions. San Jose, CA.
Director Learning Movies
  Product: Tutorial movies accompanying Macromedia Director to help new users learn basic Director features. Advanced users access the movies quickly get up to speed on new features.
  Role: 1997: Programmer. and animator;
1996: Directed final production effort.
  Client: Macromedia Inc. San Francisco, CA 1996, 1997
  Product: A useful set of tools for competitive analysis and planning, and combined with expert advice and multimedia content. Pearls of wisdom from "Mentor" Regis McKenna illustrate the concepts in each section and accompany system prompts that provide either quick or detailed assistance each section. Multimedia "Case Studies" provide real world context.
  Role: Interaction Designer / Multimedia Producer / Writer / Video Editor.
Rewrote and redesigned Mentor section of the product. Wrote and produced product overview. Worked with engineering team to define and optimize product functionality.
  Client: Hands On Technology. Burlingame, CA 1995
Professor Iris’ Seaside Adventure
  Product: An interactive adventure that brings the seashore to life! Seaside Adventure is a CD-ROM with videos, stories and games designed to make early learning fun.
  Role: Integration programming.
  Client: T/Maker, Mt. View CA.
    Publisher: Discovery Channel, 1995
Shoot Video Like A Pro
  Product: This consumer CD-ROM imparts the video production topics of camera handling, composition, lighting and sound production to camcorder users. Virtual tools illustrate visual and perceptual concepts and provide feedback on various videographic techniques.
  Role: Associate Producer. Wrote programming spec, contributed to product design, managed production, oversaw art integration effort, selected and edited video.
  Client: Red Hill Studios, San Anselmo, CA.
    Publisher: Zelos Digital Learning, San Francisco, CA 1994
    Awards: NewMedia Invision Awards, 1995 (Bronze, General Information category) NEMN Award, 1995 (Bronze Apple, Multimedia category)
GTE Concierge Network
  Product: An in-room interactive TV service for hotel guests offering shopping and restaurant guides, tourist information, movies on demand, full motion video and electronic information services.
  Role: Interface and interaction design. Wrote and produced location video segments.
  Client: GTE, Stanford, CT 1992 - 1994
GTE Main Street
  Product: An in home pre-internet TV service providing online shopping, information services, and editorial content delivered via cable TV in San Diego, Cerritos CA, and Newton MA.

Management of a group of content editors, integrators, database techs, and vendors in the release of new and continually updated content to publicly installed systems.

Contributed to the design, and transition to, an RDB/SQL database environment featuring new streaming audio technology, an integrated authoring tool, and rapid updating capabilities. Produced training materials for authoring tool users.

  Client: GTE, Stanford, CT 1988 — 1992
  Lisa Coen
  Multimedia Developer