Six Red Marbles


The Notebook Client App and HRW's Online Textbooks bring Middle and High School social studies textbooks to life in this fully interactive online implementation.

The suite comprises 21 textbooks made up of dynamically generated HTML pages built using XML from data housed in a SQL driven database. Each online textbook features a dynamic Table of Contents, hyper linked index and glossary and thousands of popup maps, graphs, diagrams, images, and feature stories. The Notebook is a framework for allowing students to save the responses to over 27,000 questions to their own account. The Notebook uses XML to Get and Post data.

This content is not yet public. Please contact me for a live demo.


The HOLT GRAPHER is a modular online tool for creating and printing graphs. Grapher has been deployed in HRW's Researcher site and in a number of online textbooks.

To sample the Grapher, go to: Click the Grapher link in the upper left corner.

This Shockwave movie may prompt you to load the Printomatic and Table Xtras. The Grapher was developed in Director with object-oriented Lingo, several Xtras, Vectors, and Imaging Lingo and embedded Flash.

HRW's Online textbooks& Notebook, and the Holt Grapher are examples of two major projects developed at Six Red Marbles this year. I was the lead developer for the Notebook Client, The Grapher, which were both developed in Director. I also took on the tech lead role for the final delivery phase of the Online Textbook project, tying together the final SQL, VB, Java, XML, Director & Flash technologies.

Other projects at Six Red Marbles have included an update revision for a set of online instant readers for elementary students, and contributions to several Flash and CD-ROM projects.